House passes bloated defense bill by a mile

For crying out loud, can that beast ever be tamed? How is it that cutting benefits for the middle class and poor is always an option but serious trimming of the defense budget is not an option? Maybe the big mouth Bill Clinton can step up for the rest of America instead of blathering on about cutting Medicare. How clueless is he? Why are entitlements for everyone outside of Wall Street of the defense industry always on the table?

This is yet another clear example of the failure of modern American politics. People like Clinton are so far removed from the daily struggles of the average person and they only sound more ridiculous by the day when they fail to offer any constructive criticism that might actually benefit normal people. Not everyone is sitting on a hundred million bucks like Clinton and the job opportunities with oil kingdoms and Wall Street just aren’t as widely available for everyone else. What a disgrace.

The Republican-controlled House on Thursday overwhelmingly passed a $690 billion defense bill that limits President Barack Obama’s authority on reducing nuclear weapons and deciding the fate of terrorist suspects.

On a 322-96 vote, the House approved the broad defense blueprint that would provide a 1.6 percent increase in military pay, fund an array of aircraft, ships and submarines and increase health care fees slightly for working-age military retirees. The bill meets the Pentagon’s request for $119 billion to fight wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Final passage came shortly after the House narrowly rejected a measure requiring an accelerated timetable and exit strategy for withdrawing U.S. forces from Afghanistan nearly 10 years after the conflict began.

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