GOP heartthrob Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) refuses to say whether he believes in evolution

And while he claims it’s okay for local school boards to decide to teach creationism, he did also seem last week to stand behind the state’s apparent requirement that evolution be taught in every school. Which would seem to fly in the face of his faux-conservative “let local school boards decide” bs. So which one is it? Should Trenton stay out of the way of local school boards or not? Christie seems to be trying to have it both ways.

Here’s Christie’s own Department of Education spokesman:

As it turns out, the state does have a set of core curriculum standards that require what, at minimum, should be taught in New Jersey schools. Evolution is on the list for science classes; creationism isn’t.

“No, the state would not permit the teaching of creationism in place of evolution,” said Department of Education spokesman Alan Guenther. “Could teachers discuss creationism either in science or history classes? Of course. As long as they also teach the required material.”

So clearly Christie, in Trenton, does tell local school boards what they can and can’t do, so why did he just claim he doesn’t and shouldn’t? (Hint: He’s hoping you won’t notice, and thus you’ll think he’s a far-right conservative when, on issues like creationism, it seems he isn’t as dyed in the wool as the fundies would like.)

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