Americans for Prosperity Oregon—Wisconsin comes to the Pacific Northwest

This is one ad in a series being run by Americans for Prosperity Oregon. There are others that feature whiter faces, but this one jumped out at me — “Secret Lifestyles of the Rich and Government Retired”:

“Look at her smile,” he says. How does he hate thee? Let me count the ways.

This is Wisconsin come to the great Northwest. There appears to be a move afoot to dismantle Oregon PERS, the Public Employee Retirement System. Looks like the Koch Brothers–funded Americans for Prosperity is all over it. Welcome to the battle in the states, all of them.

By the way, in case the Envy Button hasn’t been pushed hard enough, there’s this from one of the probably-coordinated web-commenters on the periphery of this campaign. It’s pretty typical of the hard-right comment on this local issue.

But here is the kicker. While employees of the private businesses may be at risk with regard to their pensions during an economic downturn, the government employees are not. In the private sector employees have only a contractual right to the benefits earned up to the date that the benefit package is amended. Not so for Oregon’s public employees. …

So for those of you worried about whether you will have a pension when you reach the age of retirement, or are worried that your current pension cannot be paid, please do not add to your worries that your favorite public employee will suffer a comparable indignity. In fact, rest assured that if worse comes to worse your taxes will be increased to make sure that the public employees will be just fine. … What else would you expect in a one-party state whose elections are funded in large part by the public employee unions?

A “one-party state”? Last I checked, eastern Oregon was Idaho come to Judgement in the legislature.

For documentation purposes, the link for the above quote is here. But there’s no law says you have to give him traffic.


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