Al Qaida chooses successor to bin Laden

It sounds like he’s in Pakistan so our close allies can maybe use the billions of dollars of US money to help locate him. The Guardian:

Reports from Pakistan named an Egyptian former special forces officer known as Saif al-Adel as the acting leader of al-Qaida.

Al-Adel, who is in his late 40s, is a veteran militant who was close to bin Laden in the 1990s before being detained in Iran after fleeing Afghanistan following the ouster of the Taliban in 2001. According to Noman Benotman, a former Libyan militant now living in London, al-Adel was released from Iranian detention and returned to Pakistan last year.

The report in the Pakistani The News newspaper identified al-Adel as having been chosen as “interim leader” of al-Qaida after a meeting at “an undisclosed location”. It also said that “none of sons of Osama Bin Laden has shown willingness” to take up a formal position within the organisation.

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