Wisconsin: Prosser ahead by 7316 votes in final canvass

According to the Journal Sentinel, David Prosser leads JoAnne Kloppenburg in the state Supreme Court race by 7316 in the final vote canvass (h/t Chris Bowers, my emphasis throughout):

State Supreme Court Justice David Prosser emerged as the winner Friday over challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg in a heated election that drew national attention because of the fight over collective bargaining and a ballot reporting error in Waukesha County.

A canvass of vote totals from the state’s 72 counties finalized Friday afternoon shows Prosser beating Kloppenburg, an assistant attorney general, by 7,316 votes. Initial results in the election had showed Kloppenburg leading the race. The final canvass of the April 5 vote was completed 10 days after the election, the maximum allowed by state law.

The margin – 0.488% – is within the 0.5% limit that would allow Kloppenburg to request a statewide recount at taxpayers’ expense.

Yet, stunningly, Kloppenburg is not sure she wants to pursue a recount:

Wisconsin Supreme Court hopeful JoAnne Kloppenburg says her campaign is weighing whether to seek a recount. … She has until Wednesday to seek a recount. … Kloppenburg issued a statement saying her campaign will carefully weigh its options[.]

That’s the news, and now for the sports: Really, Team Kloppenburg? Really?

The recount is free, and yet you really don’t know whether to find out whether the election was stolen from you by Kathy Nickolaus, David Prosser’s ex-employee and the person who “found” those 7500 votes in her spreadsheets?

How about making Kathy Nickolaus produce those votes in the actual ballots. Because if you don’t make her show her work, no one will know how she got her result.

Play to win, Ms. Kloppenburg. You’re not just doing this for you. You owe it to everyone who supported you. And you owe it to everyone in Wisconsin who will be slammed hard by this Court for the next 10 years.

If you need yet another reason to call Kathy Nickolaus to account, try this. She has a history of this stuff:

[In 2006] Waukesha county, Kathy Nickolaus’ playground, reports 17,243 more votes cast for the Attorney General race in Waukesha county than there were total number of ballots cast.

How many more of those “extra” 17,243 votes were for [Republican] Van Hollen than were for [Democrat] Kathleen Falk?

Take a guess; Van Hollen won by 8859 votes. Let’s see — more votes cast for the AG race than total votes cast. Could that be fraud? Not if you’re a Republican. But wait, there’s more:

Waukesha 2004, Bush v. Kerry.

Apparently in 2004 the polls in Waukesha were teeming with voters as the Waukesha County Clerk’s office showed a 97.63% turn out. No, that’s not a typo. 97.63%. … Of the 236,642 registered voters in Waukesha on Nov 2, 2004 apparently 231,031 of them came out in a hint of rain and drizzle and did their civic duty.

Just to put this in perspective, Australia has compulsory (mandatory) voting and their turnout is 95%.

There’s a whole lot more here.

Come on, Team Kloppenburg. Step up to the plate. You’re in the big leagues now, and this game is not over. We don’t need another half-hearted champion.

Audit the Nickolaus-Brookfield vote. If you don’t, and if this is fraud, the Republicans will get away with it and all of Wisconsin will suffer.


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