Trump rides birtherism to 21% in New Hampshire

Public Policy Polling released figures that showed billionaire birther Donald Trump trailing Mitt Romney by only single digits, 27 percent to 21 percent.

If Trump actually run 21% of New Hampshire GOP voters say they’d vote for him, compared to 27% for Romney. The key to Trump’s relatively strong showing? He does well with birthers and Tea Partiers, two groups he has seemed to actively court with his public comments of late. 42% of primary voters firmly say they do not believe Barack Obama was born in the United States to 35% who believe that he was and 23% who aren’t sure. Trump leads Romney 22-21 with the birther crowd, but Romney holds the overall lead because he’s up by a much wider margin with the folks who dismiss the birther theory.

Trump also leads Romney 23-21 with the Republican primary voters who consider themselves to be Tea Party members but that’s only 30% of the electorate and Romney’s up by a good margin with the folks who don’t identify with that movement.

This will be a recurring theme this election cycle but just how low has the Republican Party fallen? A billionaire birther reality TV star is only six points down on the Republican frontrunner and former governor in an early primary state.

Ladies and gentlemen, your Republican Party.

(Hat tip: Dave Weigel, Slate)

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