Republicans wasting money on gay marriage hearing; why not cut their own juicy budget to pay for it?

At a time when Republicans want to destroy necessary government services for the poor and elderly, under the false auspices of “balancing the budget,” and after having blown a huge hole in the budget with two wars and government wealthcare for the ultra-rich, now they are wasting our non-existent resources to hold another gay marriage hearing.

Michael Cole-Schwartz, spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign, said in response to Boehner’s remarks that the upcoming hearing will “no doubt showcase the [Republican] majority’s obsession with ensuring continued discrimination against same-sex couples.”

“They’re welcome to think that’s a legitimate way to spend their time but the vast majority of Americans will be scratching their heads wondering why House Republicans have held a third hearing in as many weeks to demonize LGBT people,” Cole-Schwartz said.

Cole-Schwartz was counting two earlier hearings that House committees held to oversee implementation of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal as anti-gay hearings and the upcoming testimony on “defending marriage” as the third anti-gay hearing this year.

Of course, the first recipient of the “Anita Bryant award”, Dame Gallagher, will be the Republican’s star witness.

UPDATE from JOHN: And now Boehner wants to take the money to defend DOMA from the Justice Department.  The Senate ought to tell him to take a hike.  Boehner can cut Congress’ own fat budget – starting with the absurd socialist subsidies the government pays for Boehner’s health care premiums.  It’s funny how socialist is always a bad thing unless Republicans benefit from it directly and exclusively, then it’s the best thing ever.

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