Pelosi thinks GOP ‘spinning their wheels… re-litigating DADT’

I was just on a blogger conference call with Speaker Pelosi and I asked her about DADT repeal, and the growing concern that the Republicans seem to want to continue playing games with the issue. Pelosi told me that the Republicans were just “spinning their wheels… trying to re-litigate” DADT. “It’s resolved in the minds of the American people,” she told me (referring of course to the 70+ % support for DADT repeal has in the polls). Still, the GOP isn’t known for caring about what the American people want or feel, so Joe and I both remain concerned that the Republicans will try to slip something in to the ongoing budget resolutions, or the appropriations bill, to stop implementation of the repeal. And they can. It’s simply a matter of writing language that says no money can be spent on implementing the repeal. Granted, that language has to become law, which requires the Senate agreeing and the President signing it into law. But were the GOP to hold the entire budget hostage to that one provision, do we really, truly think the President wouldn’t cave to the hostage takers “for the greater good.”

Igor Volsky at ThinkProgress should have the tape of the call up soon. I’ll link when he does. Okay, Igor posted a short transcript of my Q&A;:

ARAVOSIS: A lot of us are growing increasingly concerned, especially with these hearings going on over the last couple of weeks, that the Republicans may make a play to try to derail Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal. Now, whether they do a game with the ongoing budget resolution or whether they try to play some trick with appropriations, do you make any sense of that? […]

PELOSI: There is a full committee hearing tomorrow, but I think they’re spinning their wheels… They’re trying to re-litigate an issue that’s already resolved in Congress and in the minds of the American people. The American people are way ahead of us on this. This is one of those things that was such a high priority…. For the moment they’re trying to re-litigate it and it’s resolved.

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