Obama’s base: Already inflamed, thanks

A Washington Post article today reports on the current federal budget push-me-pull-you between Ds and Rs, and includes this:

At the same time, White House officials are reluctant to agree to proposals that would inflame Obama’s liberal base, especially during the same week that the president launched his reelection campaign with a direct appeal to core supporters who provided the energy for his 2008 bid.

Would inflame”? Meaning, might do so in the future?

Judging by the reaction to this post yesterday, I’d say Mr. Obama’s “core supporters” are feeling pretty inflamed already. Fired up, to be sure, though not in the way Mr. Obama is thinking.

And as long as you’re over at the WP, don’t miss this Harold Meyerson column. Money quote right at the top:

If it does nothing else, the budget that House Republicans unveiled Tuesday provides the first real Republican program for the 21st century, and it is this: Repeal the 20th century.

Thanks to the indispensable Greg Sargent for the heads-up on both articles. If you don’t check into Greg’s “Plum Line” blog, add it to your daily reading list.

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