New documentary on Maine’s marriage campaign

In a must-read column for anyone who followed the No on 1 campaign in Maine, Bill Nemitz previews a new documentary that is coming out which looks at the campaign in Maine with footage from inside both camps during the election. Marc Mutty, the manager for the Yes on 1 side (against equality) has some stunning confessions, including fearing that this campaign will be what he’s remembered for (or that it might affect is career down the road). Mutty works for the Diocese of Maine. From Nemitz’s piece:

“We use a lot of hyperbole and I think that’s always dangerous,” says Mutty during a Yes on 1 strategy session, at the time on leave from his job as public affairs director for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Maine.

“You know, we say things like ‘Teachers will be forced to (teach same-sex marriage in schools)!’ ” he continues. “Well, that’s not a completely accurate statement and we all know it isn’t, you know?”

“No,” interjects a woman off-camera. “We don’t say that.”

“Let’s look back at our ads and see what we say,” Mutty persists. “And I think we use hyperbole to the point where, you know, it’s like ‘Geez!’ “

You can find out more on the documentary here or watch the trailer below.

Born and raised in Maine, Nick Seaver moved to DC to study political communication in 2003. He began writing extensively on LGBT rights during the first ballot initiative in Maine that overturned marriage equality. He writes about a variety of issues, ranging from marriage to issues facing LGBT youth. Follow him on Twitter at @NDSeaver.

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