More on America’s unfair gay immigration policy

ABC News has a story that provides some concrete examples of just how devastating the decision to continue with “business as usual” is destroying gay American bi-national couple’s lives.

Vandiver and Velandia, who have been together since 2006, have been recognized by Princeton, New Jersey as domestic partners in 2007, and married in Connecticut. Unfortunately for Velandia, he is Venezuelan and is now in danger of deportation.

“I started from zero in this country — new language, new culture,” said Velandia. “It’s been like the American Dream.”

But when his visa expired, an application for a green card was denied. In 2009, Velandia received a notice of deportation. If deported, he could be barred from entering the U.S. for 10 years.

Nice, huh? Next we have an example of a bi-national lesbian couple, Carry Tucker, 55, of Sacramento, CA, and her LEGAL wife, Claire Pollar, 49, of the United Kingdom. Thanks to our nation’s inhumane policies justified by politicians who serve conservative theocratic Talibangelicals, their daughter has missed the support of two loving mothers.

The couple was prepared to move to Canada where Pollard had applied for legal residence under the skilled-worker program, but the economy went sour in 2008.

Under Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, California recognized legal same-sex marriages, but DOMA stood in their way.

They have now been separated for five years. Tucker says her 18-year-old daughter is a “stranger” to Pollard.

“All of her teen years, my daughter did not have her loving stepmother in her life,” said Tucker. “They are the two loves of my life, and they don’t know each other. That is the most painful part for me.”

Wonderful family values, America. And hardly liberty for all.

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