Maggie Gallagher is upset that Dan Savage is getting a TV show… and who knew Maggie had a kid out of wedlock?

Not that I’m surprised about Maggie’s out of wedlock sex and child rearing. It’s the in-thing nowadays in conservative land, what with the Palin’s spawn earning a cool quarter of a million off of her single motherhood. And we know that for all the talk of Maggie’s love of marriage, she’s been caught without her wedding ring, which is a rather odd thing for a woman to do – it’s also odd that America’s greatest defender of marriage is never seen with her husband – ever. But I digress.

(NSFW link coming up.) First here’s bigot Maggie on Dan:

Renowned sex columnist Dan Savage, who is an openly gay man, will be taking his popular sex and relationship advice column to MTV in a show appropriately called “Savage U” where he intends to educate your college student about the importance of honesty over just about anything else, including fidelity…. Savage, who for all his experience, does not know what women are like, advises [one recent correspondent] to tell [his girlfriend] openly and honestly what he wants, because otherwise the young man will just cheat on her…. The possibility of taming one’s sexual desire for the sake of another, or of a vow, is not in the Savage moral imagination. Libido will have out, and honesty about that is the best policy. He brings, in other words, the best of gay sexual ethics and experience to a straight audience, with potentially disastrous results.

Dan’s response is long and glorious. Here’s the beginning – (the next link is NSFW) do read the rest:

Gallagher, who once had a child out of wedlock, speaks for the fidelity-over-anything-else crowd (fidelity over reality, statistics, biology, ability, etc.). Now some people are capable of abstaining before marriage and being faithful to one partner for life—some people, but not Maggie—but these people represent a tiny minority of all sexually active adults. And while those who make this aberrant lifestyle choice should not be discriminated against, the rest of us—the majority of all sexually active adults—should be free to engage in grownup conversations about sex and desire and the reality-friendly ways in which we define and practice fidelity without being shouted down by the monogamously correct. Fidelity, after all, can mean so much more than just “you never get to see anyone else naked ever again.”

Moving on to some of Maggie’s specific objections…

I do not intend to “educate your college students,” Maggie. Your college students—the offspring of NOM supporters—are being “educated” at Brigham Young, Liberty University, Bob Jones, Seattle Pacific University, and other Christianist madrassas. My college tours typically take me to secular institutions of higher learning where the kids were hooking up and having sex long before my visit to campus.

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