If I helped NOM on the Prop 8 trial would that would be noble too?

I’m a lawyer.  I know a lot about gay rights.  I imagine I’d be one hell of an expert witness for the folks trying to uphold Prop 8 and DOMA in court.   (Just imagine the PR coup alone of NOM getting me working on their side.) If I farmed myself out to the religious right bigots, at say an average rate of $520/hour, to help them defend Prop 8 and DOMA in court, would the same Democrats, and Democratic lawyers, who are now defending Paul Clement defend me?

No they wouldn’t.  I’d face a boycott of my blog that would put it out of business, and rightly so.

Or how about if I helped the crazy birthers with their lawsuits against President Obama.  Certainly those lawsuits raise a constitutional question (even though they’re bat-sh*t crazy).  Would White House spokesman Jay Carney, and Attorney General Eric Holder, praise my work in attacking the President with a line of argument that has serious racial overtones?

No they wouldn’t.

It’s amazing the double standard that so many Democrats have when the victims are gay.

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