GetEQUAL is organizing for equality

We’ve come out of the closet, changed hearts and minds, lobbied, canvassed, donated, volunteered, marched, protested, and we’ve even been arrested. So why are we still not equal?

Over the past year we’ve learned that there is, indeed, power in numbers — when activists join together and apply pressure, we begin to build power and create change.

On Monday, President Obama officially declared his candidacy for re-election. And, already, potential conservative nominees are jockeying for position in the 2012 campaign — mostly saying horrifying things about how LGBT people deserve none of the rights guaranteed to us under the Constitution.

From now until November 2012, we have a golden opportunity to ask candidates from all political parties — in the spotlight of every media outlet in the world — whether they will embrace or impede full federal equality for LGBT Americans. But, in order to make use of that opportunity, we have to build power in the states…where the 2012 campaign will dominate the news cycle for the next 20 months.

And, just as President Obama knows he must begin organizing now to be ready for the full swing of the campaign, we also must begin organizing now for our equality. So we’re launching a new campaign called “Organizing For Equality” — designed to mobilize people across the country to build a groundswell of momentum for full federal equality for LGBT Americans.

Will you join us in Organizing For Equality?

If we want to gain the full federal equality that we rightly deserve, we must begin Organizing For Equality — now. Our fight to GetEQUAL is not only about gaining equal rights — it’s about demanding our dignity as human beings.

The 2012 general election will certainly revolve around electing a President and other legislative officials — but it will also give us an opportunity to influence the media narrative surrounding the election and, in a proactive way, set the agenda for these candidates…rather than waiting for them to set an agenda without full federal equality for LGBT Americans on the list.

We’re creating a movement of people who are focused on more than just who gets into office — we’re focused on doing the hard work to ensure that full federal equality is one of the top priorities of the upcoming election. Equality is non-partisan. Though LGBT equality has been the subject of political ebbs and flows in the past, we want to change the conversation — we want to find the people on the ground who will build community, brainstorm strategic actions, and take LGBT equality into their own hands.

We’re Organizing For Equality — will you join us?

Our call is for full federal equality in all matters governed by civil law in all 50 states — no compromises, no excuses, no delays. Accepting political homo/bi/transphobia from our elected leaders is no longer an option. It’s time to Organize For Equality!

Get Out! Get Active! GetEQUAL!

Robin McGehee, Director

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