Enviros looking to gays as success story for forcing President to keep promises

And they’re right. We did force him, and it worked. It didn’t work 100% – to wit, we’re still waiting for ENDA, and the President should have stopped defending DOMA from day one. Had he done that, re DOMA, we’d have had two years of no defense of the state in court, rather than the GOP House now picking up the defense. Still, a group of us, including the gay blogs, GetEqual, Dan Choi, SLDN and SU stood up to the White House and forced them to act. They’d have done much less had we accepted the conventional wisdom that HRC had everything under control.

From Politico:

Young environmentalists looking for a success story in pressuring a Democratic administration to advance their goals have found it from an unusual source: the gay rights movement.

Environmentalists, especially youth activists who were a large part of President Barack Obama’s 2008 electoral victory, had high hopes for the past two years. But after the death of cap and trade, an oil spill that led to little action from Congress and the GOP gains last fall, disappointment reigns.

For the greens, there are numerous emotional parallels between their movement and the gay rights movements, most notably frustration over the lack of action on what they see as an obvious endgame.

They are seeking a major victory, like the December repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” and are looking at how the advocacy tactics used in that debate could be adapted to environmental goals.

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