Assad sending in heavy armor and troops to shut down protesters

Assad’s idea of opening up society may be a bit slightly different from what others see as opening up. Until some troops start to reject this violence, it’s going to be an ugly time for those demanding change. There are no firm updates yet on the death toll but it has to be high. Al Jazeera:

“Hundreds of security service men entered the town, accompanied by tanks and armoured vehicles,” Abdullah Al-Harriri, an activist, told the AFP news agency in Nicosia by telephone.

“The men are firing in all directions and advancing behind the armour which is protecting them,” he added.
“Electricity is cut off and telephone communications are virtually impossible,” he said.

Footage aired on the opposition news organisation on Monday, transmitted via satellite, appeared to show Syrian military firing at unseen targets with sniper rifles.

Security forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad, the country’s presidents, stormed the large Damascus suburb of Douma early on Monday, shooting at unarmed civilians and arresting residents, rights campaigners said.

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