Ambinder says we should love Jim Messina

Marc Ambinder, who seems to be the administration’s go-to guy when they need to get their message telegraphed without much filtering, penned a column today in defense of former White House deputy chief of staff, and new Obama re-election campaign director, Jim Messina. The story came in response to a less-than-glowing story on Messina in the Nation earlier this week.

One point in the Ambinder’s piece that stuck in my craw is the following:

I have elsewhere written about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: no need to repeat it. Ask even critics of Messina what they think of his role in the battle, and they give him props. (emphasis added)

I can’t think of a single critic of Messina who would give him props for his role in the DADT battle. And even the gay groups, who aren’t really “critics,” as most are afraid to be critics, are likely silent on Messina’s role, other than HRC, but their brown-nosing to a Democrat is a given. So who are these critics of Messina who are now praising him for his botched handling of DADT?

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