Air National Guard captain disses DADT repeal during DADT repeal training

I just spoke with a staff sergeant in the California Air National Guard who just took the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal training that DOD is in the middle of conducting for all troops.

It seems the captain giving the training didn’t take it very seriously – he found it “humorous,” according to the staff sergeant.  The captain went out of his way to tell the troops assembled that DADT repeal was not a done deal, that Congress still had to pass the repeal (which is false), and that Congress might still repeal the repeal soon (what is he basing that on?) Here is what the staff sergeant wrote me, the rest is from my phone conversation with her:

I got DADT training this past drill weekend. My Captain stated that the “marriage protection law” will not allow gays serving to receive the same benefits as straight married couples, so THEY are not getting anything out of the repeal other than not being kicked out. He added the caveat:”if congress approves it” and then added “it might be repealed soon.” He went on to say that the only people that were getting kicked out were the “ones going on Oprah” and that “we should be worried about the economy, not this,” referring to the training itself. At least at the end he recapped by saying the Air Force has never tolerated harassment based on sexual orientation and respect for all will be maintained. What a joke for training.

The staff sergeant, who is a decorated veteran, says the entire training was “ridiculous” and “insulting.” And her only recourse would be to complain to the man who conducted the insulting training in the first place.

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