You seriously need to watch Victoria Jackson go after the gays on CNN

I’d heard about this controversy and didn’t really care. I mean, so what if former SNL cast member Victoria Jackson (you remember her, she always played a scatter-brained ditz – I never liked her) is upset about the gay kiss on Glee? Then I finally decided to watch a CNN interview with her about her comments (she called the kiss “sickening”).

And let me just say: Oh. My. God.

She’s a mess. First off, she’s dressed like my favorite maple syrup. Second, she’s spouting Bible verses, by number, over and over again, like some kind of born again robot trying far too hard to act like some definition of “Christian” she read in a book somewhere, or saw on one of those hotel TVs in the south that every Sunday carry nothing but Bible shows.

It’s seriously difficult to explain how shockingly bizarre the woman is in this interview. Was it her bizarre hair ribbon, the half-baked non sequiturs that never quite finish (a la George Bush), or her out of blue declaration that “Muslims hate God”? (The only hate we’re hearing, honey, is coming from you.)

Or maybe it’s simply the realization that the not-very-talented air-headed ditz she played on SNL wasn’t an act. Seriously, watch this.

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