Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate David Prosser promises to be a ‘complement’ to the right-wing governor and legislature

We wrote earlier about Supreme Court Justice and candidate David Prosser.

He’s the guy who, in a meeting with other justices, called the Chief Justice a “total bitch,” then threatened “I will destroy you … and it won’t be a ground war.” That’s judicial temperament, Republican-style.

Prosser is the next shoe to drop in Wisconsin. He’s the incumbent in a hot April 5 race with JoAnn Kloppenberg for a 10-year seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. More from the Wisconsin Gazette (my emphasis):

The conservative candidate for Wisconsin Supreme Court is incumbent Justice David Prosser. He is part of a slim conservative majority on the increasingly contentious high court. Some have raised serious concerns regarding what appears to be an increased level of partisanship from Prosser leading up to this election.

In an early campaign press release, Prosser announced his plan to be a “complement” to the new right-wing Republican state Legislature and governor. … Although some have suggested that the problematic press release simply was a poor choice of words, Prosser went on to immediately court support at a Republican women’s group.

Prosser has been a speaker at right-wing events, where he’s shared the spotlight with some of the most ardent foes of equality. A good example is the Defending the American Dream Summit, which was sponsored by a coalition that reads like a who’s who of right-wing Wisconsin extremist groups, including the Wisconsin Family Council.

No closet case GOP activist there — Prosser is out and proud about being just another Republican hack. If you want more of that good Scott Walker “coup d’état” (Robert Reich’s phrase), vote Prosser — he’s promised to give it to you. Can’t be more clear than that.

As an added bonus, it seems David Prosser is also anti-gay. Who could have guessed that?

[D]uring [Prosser’s previous] tenure [as Republican Assembly member and speaker] Republican Gov. Lee Dreyfus signed into law legislation prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation (1982), making Wisconsin the first state in the nation to pass such a law.

But Prosser was not among the GOP elected officials who supported that law. Instead, he was one of 45 Assembly members who voted against the landmark legislation, which passed on a close vote of 49-45.

What a surprise, a guy who calls a woman a bitch is also a homophobe.

Your turn, Wisconsin. Take the next step. It’s Prosser or Kloppenberg on April 5.

Bring Cairo to Wisconsin. Organize and vote.


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