Why won’t Donald Trump release his long-form birth certificate?

UPDATE: It’s confirmed. Trump tried to fool the voters, did not produce his real birth certificate.

Fair is fair. What is the Donald hiding?

The background: Trump has been complaining for weeks that President Obama has refused to release his birth certificate, even though Obama did in fact release his birth certificate 3 years ago – I’ll be posting it below. Trump even suggested today that Obama was possibly not even born in the US. And in order to further buttress his false claims, Trump released his own birth certificate today.

Here is where it gets interesting. The crazy right is now claiming that the birth certificate Obama released a few years ago is only the “short form” (as if anyone has two birth certificates). They want to see the supposed “long form.” Which is funny, because the birth certificate that Donald Trump released today via Newsmax is just as short as Obama’s – in fact, it’s the exact same information, except that Obama’s birth certificate actually has more information than Trump’s.

See for yourself:

Trump’s (courtesy of Newsmax):

Obama (courtesy of Snopes – note that Snopes has concluded that it’s real):

President Obama’s birth certificate clearly contains more information than Donald Trump’s. If Trump thinks that Obama’s information is woefully lacking, then Trump’s own information is even worse. Why is Donald Trump hiding his long form birth certificate?

I’m starting to wonder if he was even born here. (After all, his not-a-birth-certificate he just released clearly says he was born in a Jamaican hospital!)

And his accent is a bit exotic.

Bet he’s not even circumcised.

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  • patttt

    really Obama released a certificate of live birth that IS NOT A birth certificate the dude pays millions to hide all his records that is shady.and don’t say the whole because he’s black bullcrap I know you love that even though us crackers voted for him lol . Im far from racius but I think its weird how he hides records dude aint even grow up in America and these morons make him are president lol what a great country I have no problem with a brother running the country but he better be a real true American who loves the usa Like us real born and raised americans do

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