When you’ve pissed off Dan Savage, Atrios, Steve Clemons and Jonathan Capehart…

One gets the impression that Sam Arora always wanted to be famous.  Wish granted.

Dan Savage on Sam Arora’s betrayal:

[A] message has to be sent to our “friends,” to Dems who are pro-gay when it’s check-cashing and vote-begging time and anti-gay once they get into office (with our help) and it’s promise-keeping time.

If the gays—and our pissed off moms—don’t work like hell and end this douchebag’s political career, we’re not a political force to be reckoned with.

Then Atrios:

The worst person in the world is @Sam_Arora

Steve Clemons:

This is a serious bummer as I really liked this guy. He may have run on one line and changed his mind — but he should be square with his constituency on this.

Instead, he altered his roster of tweeted policy positions and lied. I disagree with him on his marriage equality position — but he has violated something even greater now.

He has lost my support, and I recommend that progressives in Montgomery County work hard to politically destabilize this delegate now. He needs to be moved out of the State House.

And finally Capehart at the Washington Post:

The outrage directed at Arora is understandable. As is the sense of betrayal. He raised money from gays and lesbians based on his support for marriage equality. He secured the endorsements of Progressive Maryland and of Equality Maryland because of it. In fact, get a load of what he wrote as an addendum to his questionnaire for Equality Maryland.

I am a former law clerk to Attorney General Doug Gansler. I publicly supported his decision to recognize out-of-state marriage licenses for same-sex couples and immediately put out a release praising his findings. For me, it’s simply a matter of equal rights under the law.

Gay Marylanders want the respect, dignity and responsibility that comes with marriage. And Arora was elected to his first term in the House of Delegates, in part, because of his promise to get it done. Politicians break promises all the time. But this is different. If Arora fails to vote for the marriage equality bill he campaigned for and co-sponsored when it comes to the floor next week not only would it be disgraceful, he would be a disgrace.

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