What part did the NPR guy get wrong? The Tea Party is racist, and too many Americans are uneducated.

The latest hysterical charge from the oppressed far right is about a former NPR exec (though it’s not clear he really was) who they tricked into expressing his political beliefs on camera. The right is claiming his comments about the Tea Party, and America at large, are so bad that NPR should be defunded. Really? What exactly is there to disagree with in these comments?

The two actors clearly goad Schiller into making observations, most of which are made after Schiller explicitly takes off his “NPR hat” to give his personal opinion. For example, Schiller says there aren’t enough “educated, so-called elite” Americans, adding that public opinion is driven by “this very large uneducated part of the population.”

Of tea partyers, he adds: “I mean, basically they … believe in sort of white, middle-America, gun-toting. I mean, it’s scary. They’re seriously racist, racist people.”

He’s right on both counts. Just look at the polls of how many FOX News viewers believe we found WMD in Iraq. I’d call that large and uneducated.

And Google “tea party” and “racism” – then sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and do a lot of reading from a lot of mainstream news outfits about the Tea Party’s racism problem.

As for this coming at a bad time for NPR, news flash folks. The GOP is going to call you Socialist and try to defund you regardless of what you do. And if they don’t have a seriously redacted video to try to frame you, they’ll just make something up. Democrats, and NPR, need to realize that regardless of what they do, the Republicans will attack. It’s time to fight back.

PS How much you want to be the unedited video exonerates the NPR guy?

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