UK backs off of no-fly in Libya

The US surely has no military bandwidth at the moment due to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and other EU countries have shown more interest in addressing the humanitarian issues first. It’s hard not to want to shut down the pro-Gaddafi air force when they’re bombing civilians but the hard reality is that it is not likely going to happen. Getting food and supplies into liberated Libya is going to be much easier to organize and is even more critical at the moment.

Aid agencies have expressed concerns over how long food will last inside Libya, as the UN high commissioner for refugees said 140,000 people have now fled the country. Tunisian border guards are struggling to cope with the swelling flood of foreign workers trying to get out.

The change in rhetoric from Britain came as the US made clear it would adopt a more cautious approach and European diplomats expressed surprise at Cameron’s rhetoric. Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, giving evidence to the House foreign affairs committee , suggested military intervention by the US and other countries might be counter-productive.

She said the administration was aware that the Libyan opposition was anxious to be seen “as doing this by themselves on behalf of the Libyan people – that there not be outside intervention by any external force. We respect that.”

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