Sam Arora speaks: I’m now against same-sex marriage but I’ll vote for the bill anyway

A bizarre statement just released by Maryland Delegate Sam Arora, who, up until a few weeks ago, was an ardent supporter of marriage equality and regularly bragged to constituents about his support. Now he’s issuing statements that appear to say he’s against marriage equality but will vote for the bill anyway in order to let the governor sign it into law and then be repealed by a statewide referendum run by NOM.

Gee, thanks Sam.

Statement on SB 116 (Same-Sex Marriage Bill)

Mar 04, 2011
I have heard from constituents, friends, and advocates from across the spectrum of views and have thought about the issue of same-sex marriage extensively. I understand their concern—this is a very serious issue, and one that many people feel passionately about. As the vote drew nearer, I wrestled with this issue in a way I never had before, which led me to realize that I had some concerns about the bill. While I personally believe that Maryland should extend civil rights to same-sex couples through civil unions, I have come to the conclusion that this issue has such impact on the people of Maryland that they should have a direct say. I will vote to send the bill to the floor because it deserves an up-or-down vote. On the floor, I will vote to send the bill to the governor so that Marylanders can ultimately decide this issue at the polls. I think that is appropriate.

He’s for civil unions, yet he sponsored the marriage bill. He’s wrestling with issues that give him concerns about the bill, yet he didn’t have concerns a month ago when he bragged about his support of the bill on Twitter, and emphasized how the bill didn’t impinge on religious freedoms (that Tweet has subsequently been deleted).

As Joe just wrote me, this is the most convoluted statement ever. What he’s saying is that he wants our civil rights put to a public vote, like a statewide referendum – where we often lose. And which side would he be on in that referendum?

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