Sam Arora deletes Twitter post of 1 month ago supporting marriage equality

Sam Arora’s Twitter account one month ago, via Google:

Sam Arora’s Twitter account today – note that Arora has now deleted his Tweet in support of marriage equality, a Tweet that made clear that the legislation met his religious concerns:

He’s lying when he now says privately to friends that his religious concerns won’t let him “redefine marriage” (yes, he actually said that). He had no religious concerns up to two weeks ago, when this Tweet was still live, but now suddenly he has religious concerns.  And where were his religious concerns when he filled out Equality Maryland’s questionnaire during the campaign, and said he was for marriage, gladly accepting gay and progressive money for his campaign?

Sam Arora is nothing more than a lying hypocritical political bigot who views are as fixed as his next donation. He says he’s “thinking and praying” about what to do next. Yeah, he’d better pray if he wants any future in Democratic politics after this fiasco.

More on this hypocrite here.

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