Rev. Grant Storms denies playing with himself in front of kids, but is sorry and ‘getting help’

Remember that little post about the obnoxious homophobic Reverend who claimed he wasn’t playing with himself near the kiddies in the park? He is still denying he was doing it.

“I’m sorry for what I did. I’m getting help . I’ve got pastors I’ve asked to be involved in my life. I have some issues I’m dealing with,” said Storms, who says he is no longer a pastor.

Yeah, sorry you got caught:

On the day of his arrest, Storms says he was relaxing from his nearby lawn care jobs. He admitted he had his hand in his pants while he sat in a van but denies he was fondling himself or watching children.

He denies doing it but he admits he has a problem, or an addiction. Ready for it? Pornography. That’s right. It is all a big misunderstanding, he now says, and he just needs a little help with the pornography addiction. Nothing to see here, move along, and pass the collection plate! You see, he is getting professional help from pastors!

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