NH House puts off same-sex marriage repeal vote for this year anyway

Kicking the can down the road.

Lew Feldstein, co-chairman of Standing Up for New Hampshire Families, which opposes repeal, said the group is disappointed the committee did not support killing the bills this year.

“Lawmakers just kicked the can down the road, only to come back again next year to take up marriage, yet again,” he said in a statement.

Democratic Gov. John Lynch, who signed the law, says he will veto bills to repeal it. The Democrat-controlled Legislature adopted civil unions in 2007 and replaced that law with gay marriage two years later.

When will our nation stop attacking us and our families by continuously trying to define us as second class citizens? When will we be able to say we have the same rights with no chance of having those rights removed by a popular vote? When will the political parties stop using us as a political pawn? When?

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