John Boehner: Meet GetEQUAL. It’s time to swarm the Speaker


The five Ohio residents, Sean Watkins, Morgan Bonney, Jesse Bonney, Liz Mills and Karay Miller, who were protesting in front of Boehner’s office, have been arrested. They were reading the names of the people who signed the petition out loud, after Boehner’s office wouldn’t let them deliver the petitions

UPDATE @ 2:42 PM: Hearing from Ohio that Boehner’s staffers won’t allow the GetEQUAL Ohio representatives into his office to deliver the petitions. So, the Speaker is locking out his own constituents. Maybe the Speaker should follow his own advice. When he was sworn in, he said, “this is the people’s house.” Apparently, not true for those who disagree with him.

Boehner is willing to go to courts to defend DOMA, but won’t even let his own constituents into his office. Wow. He certainly upped the ante in many ways today.
This afternoon, Speaker John Boehner is convening the Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group so he can instruct the House Legal Counsel to defend DOMA. For Boehner and his fellow GOP leaders, rhetorical and legislative gay-bashing is standard fare. But, the LGBT community isn’t having it. It’s a new day as the Speaker, his colleagues and those who abet discrimination are going to find out.

This afternoon, the Speaker meets GetEQUAL. We’ve been told that five GetEQUAL Ohio activists are in Speaker Boehner’s District office in West Chester, Ohio. They are there to present to deliver 33,233 GetEQUAL petition signatures urging Boehner not to defend DOMA.

They also want to speak to Boehner and will wait in the office until they do. Yep, it’s a sit-in.

There is also a protest underway outside of Boehner’s West Chester office. Activists from Equality Ohio and Impact Cincinnati will join the crew from GetEQUAL Ohio.

John Boehner needs to hear from LGBT Americans and our allies that his actions on DOMA are unacceptable. Defending discrimination is not what we need from leaders in DC.

Want to help? Call Boehner. A number of blogs are pushing people to call his offices this afternoon.

Tell the Speaker not to defend DOMA.

You can call his West Chester office where the protest is underway: (513) 779-5400

Or, call his Washington DC Office: (202) 225-6205.

Boehner is the Speaker of the House. He’s third in line to be President of the United States. He’s a national leader and he has to know that homophobia and hatred won’t work in 2011.

Call Boehner.

Last year, the activists at GetEQUAL showed they were more than willing to take on those who claimed to be our allies. Imagine the fun they’ll have this year taking on the homophobes.

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