Hey Apple, are you trying to kill gay kids with the iPhone?

Pardon my French, but WTF? Why does Apple require you to click some “yes I’m old enough” button when downloading gay apps on the iPhone, but when downloading “ex-gay” apps – i.e., apps built by hateful anti-gay bigots who falsely tell young impressionable children that they can pray away the gay – Apple has no restrictions at all on that app. In spite of the fact that federal statistics show 1 in 3 gay kids tries to commit suicide. In spite of the fact that the very first thing in the FAQ of the app is focused at kids.

This is akin to giving children medical advice from a quack. These people are telling children that they can be cured of their homosexuality. That is a medical opinion, and it a completely false one that has been debunked for years. Does Apple allow other apps to give children fake medical advice on the iPhone?

When the first kid kills himself after downloading this app, what is Apple going to say then? Not very good publicity for the iPhone or the iPad, helping push young impressionable troubled kids over the edge.

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