Head of ‘ex-gay’ Exodus tells Lisa Ling you can’t change your sexual orientation

Well that’s one hell of an admission. Lisa Ling, of the Oprah Network, just went on the The View today and said that the head of Exodus International, the supposed “ex-gay” ministry that believes, based on no evidence whatsoever, that you can “pray away the gay,” admitted to her that even he hasn’t changed his sexual orientation.

Actually, this isn’t really news if you follow the religious right like I do. They admitted ten years ago that they can’t, and don’t try to, change your sexual orientation. They simply try to get you to be celibate. But the lead hate groups of the religious right spread the lie that you can change, because it furthers their anti- civil rights agenda.

So basically these are celibacy groups. Nothing more. But they call themselves “ex-gay” simply for political reasons, since it helps them undermine our civil rights. Really pitiful. And it again begs the question of why these admitted phonies are permitted to have an iPhone app when hate groups who targets Jews, blacks and other minorities are not permitted apps?

Read what Lisa Ling said today:

Lisa Ling: The truth of the matter is that he, and people who are part of the Exodus movement – we spent a lot of time with them, got exclusive access into the Exodus movement – they say that you can’t completely turn it off, you can’t change your sexual orientation. But you can try to live a life according to what the Bible says, with help.

Barbara Walters: You talked to a great many people, as you say all around the country.
Do you think it is possible to change your sexuality, is that what you’ve come to as a conclusion.

Lisa Ling: Even the head of Exodus says he doesn’t believe you can change your sexual orientation. He says that he constantly has to fight his attraction for men.

(H/t Perez Hilton)

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