Harry Reid: I will not support any change to Social Security for the next 20 years’

Thanks goodness someone has political instincts they haven’t been finessed out of. Harry Reid could not be more definite in this interview with the “let’s tweak Social Security” maven Lawrence O’Donnell.

There’s a nuclear power discussion starting at 0:35 (remember that Reid is from Nevada, a state that’s been targeted as a recipient of nuclear waste). Following that, a lip-lock love song to Henry Clay and Compromise at 1:40. If you like, skip right to the Social Security discussion at 5:10.


O’Donnell is pretty … disgusting? unsurprisingly obvious? … in his desire to keep beating the “fix it now” drum (8:35). This may be one of the reasons he’s not holding Olbermann’s audience.

Reid, on the other hand, is persistently clear in the other direction: “Two decades from now, I’m willing to take a look at it. I’m not willing to take a look at it now.” Easy to grasp — in 30 years we get a shortfall; in 20 years we figure out what to do. Next question.

Now this is the No Compromise we’ve been waiting for. (Psst: Next step, follow through.)

By the way, some Democratic genius must have whispered into Reid’s shell-like ear — the first Dem who messes with Social Security takes the party down with him.

That genius would be right. Team Twelfth-Dimensional Chess, take note.


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