GoDaddy CEO ‘scummiest CEO’ after killing elephant in Zim

What a lowlife. The GoDaddy CEO is currently hiding behind the crop damage issue, which yes, can be an issue. The reality of Big 5 hunts is that they are targeted at ultra-wealthy types who pay tens of thousands of dollars to kill elephants, lions, buffalo, leopard and rhinos. When I was in Africa, I heard countless stories about people like this. If they were a bad shot (they often have this problem) then the safari crew will dope the animals so that they’re easier to kill.

The fact that Bob Parsons chose Zimbabwe also says a lot. In an economy where inflation is out of control and the infrastructure is in chaos, they love people like Parsons who will pay cash to so whatever they want. That’s why cowardly hunters choose Zim over a country such as South Africa. He was taking advantage of a poverty stricken region for her personal obsession with killing for bragging rights. Nobody else would sit on the elephant and take photos if it was anything else.

There really is no debate about killing an elephant like this. Elephants have a very structured society and killing the dominate female can destroy the entire community. (It may have been a male in musth by glancing at the photo.) They are extremely sensitive animals. PETA nailed it when they named him “the scummiest CEO.”

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