Glenn Beck proves that O’Keefe’s NPR video is basically a fraud

We should have all seen this one coming. Another conservative “gotcha!” video, and another case of a conservative editing the video to make it look like the “liberal” was saying things he shouldn’t. Except that, as usual, the video was edited to make it look like the “liberal” was saying things he actually didn’t say. I don’t k now what to make of it being Glenn Beck’s Web site that exposes this, other than to say perhaps this is O’Keefe’s “Nixon goes to China” moment. If a raving conservative finds that raving conservative basically lied, then it’s hard to refute the source.

Here’s one example – where the NPR exec is supposedly amused that the Web site of the people he’s meeting promotes “acceptance of Sharia” worldwide. What the video shows is that the exec was amused about something totally unrelated, but O’Keefe spliced the video to make it seem like the NPR guy was amused about the Sharia. This is classic for the far right, mixing and matching facts to “prove” something that isn’t true – a tactic usually reserved for the religious right hate groups.

Beck’s site goes on to show how at one point, when the NPR exec was supposedly calling the Tea Party “seriously racist,” he was in fact quoting a GOP ambassador. But O’Keefe cut the part showing that the NPR exec was simply quoting a Republican, and made it seem like it was hit quote.

The Republicans have been caught red-handed, lying in order to try to cut NPR funding.

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