Facebook supporters unload on Sam Arora

From Sam Arora’s Facebook page, he’s getting blasted.

Letitia Hall
Sam Arora, you lied. You lied to your donors, you lied to your district and you lied to me. On January 30, 2011 and again on February 14, 2011 I was in your office. I sat with you and my gay son while you told us that you would fully support this bill that you were co-sponsoring. Don’t pretend that you “implied” you”might” support this bill. You lied to me. In person. Twice.

Julie Tagen
Sam, you knocked on my door and we discussed marriage equality. You assured me that you believed in it and you got my vote (AND my partners and several neighbors). I know you remember calling me on your first day of session to tell me that you sponsored the Civil Marriage bill. I couldn’t believe that a politician could be so thoughtful to do that on your first day.
PLEASE keep your promise. I don’t want to regret my vote.

Jess Drake
Those who know you are stunned, some disgusted. The consensus: a “no” vote on this bill would be unforgivable. Even if it was sure to pass. It is not the context, but the very nature of the vote-its perpetuation of animus-driven discrimination-that makes it unforgivable. You are free to hold whatever religious convictions you wish. But it is morally and intellectually dishonest for you to have campaigned on grounds apparently directly contrary to those views, to have solicited and accepted donations, endorsements, and support based upon the promises you made in that campaign. You represent all the people of District 19-including those in loving, same-sex relationships who want to build families with the same secular legitimacy that my marriage enjoys. I am not sure if you can redeem yourself given your reversal, now questioning whether you will help end this senseless denial of basic civil rights. But you have no hope of doing so unless you vote yes on this bill.

Sarah Elizabeth
Dear Former Classmate… are you freaking kidding me? Having known you, I would have thought you would do better for yourself. I was excited when you ran, because I had high hopes that someone who previously had shown to be a practical, compassionate, and thoughtful person would be in politics. And now this?! I agree with whoever said you will be coming down on the wrong side of civil rights, and on the wrong side of history. This is shameful, and an enormous disappointment.

Kristine Kippins
Sam, you’re my friend and I care about you. Because I care I’m telling you that going back on your word, your constituents and your principles is WRONG. I understand that we must all wrestle with our faith sometimes, but it’s not like you don’t know where you stand on this issue. You do. You’re a progressive who values equality above all else. Be strong, Sam. It’s difficult to stand up for what’s right in the face of powerful opposition. Know that your friends are with you, have faith in you, and know that you will do the right thing. Please vote in support of the marriage equality bill.<

Parag Mehta
Maya Angelou says, “When you know better, you do better.” I am confident that my friend and Maryland House Delegate Sam Arora knows better. Today, I’m praying that he will DO better.

Red Finney
I love you views on the environment and green energy. Also, I am in favor of de-criminalizing marijuana, even legalizing it, of which you favor the former. How am I supposed to trust that you will follow through on any of those promises? You can say what you want, and make what promises you want, but once you vote “no” for a basic human rights issue, I do not see how any one could ever vote for you again.

Karen Finney
Sam – I hope you’ll reconsider and support equal rights for everyone. Our Constitution calls us to recognize that the laws in it apply equally. The arguments being used against same sex marriage are frighteningly similar and equally offensive as those once used against interracial marriage. I was 16 yrs old before I was allowed in my grandfather’s home. That’s how long it took for him to even begin to re-think his shame over having a mixed-race granddaughter and see me as a person, not a sin. Just as some used to say that marriage is only valid between a white man and white woman, some now argue that marriage can only be between a man and a woman. Anti-miscegenation laws codified bigotry, fear and hate. Denying gay couples the right to marry, not only denies basic civil rights, liberty, and freedom, but also codifies bigotry.

Carlos Gutierrez
Hi Sam, I only ‘liked’ your page so I could post this. Your actions, should you renege on your promise to support marriage equality, are the very definition of cowardice. As a resident of Montgomery County and Silver Spring I promise you that I, along with many others, will make it our mission to see you defeated in the next primary. Should you go through with your plan to deny me the most basic of civil rights I pledge $1000 towards the campaign of a REAL progressive candidate to challenge you in the primary. I am sure many others will do the same. It is clear that your word is meaningless and I am confident we can find a true progressive to represent us. Equality will come. It is up to you to decide which side of history you will be on.

Michael Stratmoen
I live in Derwood. Thanks for turning your back on me by deciding not to vote for Marriage Equality

Karen Anne Defilippi
Sam – your current stance is very disappointing. As someone who supported you and worked with you, I cannot believe that you would now consider turning your back on such a large group of people and deny them their civil rights. Please think about what you are doing. If not, I am sure there will be many people who will help your opponent in the primary.

David Salisbury
Sam Arora, as your constituent in District 19, I am very disappointed that you would vote down marriage equality in our state because your church told you to. This bill affects more than your church. It changes the lives of families in our state, families like mine.

Matt Arnstine
just called his office to fact-check what has been written. the guy who answered said that sam is a co-sponsor of the legislation, but this is his first big vote and that he isn’t sure how sam is going to vote.

this guy is one-term. im a student at UMD, and we are furious over this guy, i have my friends tweeting/facebooking/calling this guy

Zach Stewart
By making campaign promises that you don’t intend to keep, for the sole purpose of raking-in donations from Progressive and LGBT-friendly voters, you represent the worst in American politics. Enjoy your one term

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