Deconstructing Maggie Gallagher’s talking points, misinformation and lies

UPDATE @ 2:34 PM via Joe.My.God: Apparently, Maggie and her crew are throwing around the big bucks in Maryland to buy some votes in the Maryland House. They’re offering up $1 million to defend any Democrat who votes no on marriage. Amazing amounts of money flow into NOM’s coffers — and the group fights every effort to get it to comply with disclosure laws.
As the vote on marriage approaches in Maryland, NOM’s Maggie Gallagher is on a media offensive doing a lot of offensive media. Seems every time I turn on my t.v., she’s there. Earlier this week, she did an interview with TBD’s Bruce DePuyt. It was classic. Note that Maggie is always quick to jump in front of a t.v. camera, but this “expert” on marriage didn’t take the stand in the all important Prop. 8 trial. As David Boies said so eloquently, one can lie on t.v., “But a witness stand is a lonely place to lie. And when you come into court you can’t do that.”

Alvin McEwen deconstructed Gallagher’s interview with Bruce DePuyt in a way that only he can.

Recently on a Maryland talk show, News Talk with Bruce DePuyt, Maggie Gallagher of the National Organization for Marriage was interviewed regarding not only marriage equality in Maryland but also the decision by the Obama Administration not to defend DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act) in the courts.

She threw out a lot of comments and talking points but tripped herself up a few times and actually affirmed gay marriage on one occasion.

Alvin notes that Maggie took a swipe at young people:

At 3:22, Gallagher says that it’s not a good idea to ask young voters what they think about gay marriage. Her exact words were:

On an issue like marriage, it’s not a good idea to poll the 18-year-olds and do what they think. I think we need some grownups here.

Of course she said this because a majority of young voters favor marriage equality. Gallagher’s comments are spooky in that she echoes an ongoing trend to potentially disenfranchise young voters.

Maggie knows that young people are strong supporters of marriage, so she’s trying to dismiss and disenfranchise them. In the Maine referendum, I remember when Adam Bink posted these numbers:

Final numbers are in from UM-Orono campus- 81% No, 19% yes.

Actually, in Maryland, support for marriage is very strong among young people and grownups alike. That’s the big problem Maggie has. Except for the obsessed homophobes, Mormons and Catholic leaders with whom she cavorts, there’s growing for marriage. And, despite Maggie’s spin, it’s not just the kids. Check out these numbers from Equality Maryland’s recent poll (no link):

Support for marriage equality is strongest among young Maryland voters — 65% of voters aged 18 to 29 support marriage equality (+39). As this cohort replaces elderly voters in the electorate—the weakest supporters of marriage equality (-18) — support for marriage will continue to rise rapidly, especially since voting rates increase as voters age and young voters support for marriage equality is more lopsided than the opposition among elderly voters. This support is not limited to younger voters, across the age spectrum voters aged 50 and under support marriage by a substantive majority – 59%, ( 33% opposed; 8% undecided).

The trendline is moving in the direction of equality. And, it’s moving fast. Maggie knows it. That’s why she’s so desperate to block the Maryland marriage law.

When and if Maryland votes on marriage in November of 2012, the numbers on our side will be even better. That’s why the NOM crew is so desperate this week.

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