Bachmann’s Iowa Political Director to be: Birther

For those wondering why authors of a liberal blog might be excited by the prospect of Rep. Michele Bachmann running for president, Tim Murphy at Mother Jones provides the answer:

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) has previously said that if she ran for president, the “first thing” she’d do at the first debate would be to present her birth certificate. Not that she would have much of a choice, if the state lawmaker she’s expected to hire to manage her operations in Iowa has his way. Bachmann, who has all-but announced she’s running, is reportedly planning to bring on Iowa state Sen. Kent Sorenson—the author of a recent birther bill—as her political director in the presidential bellwether state.

Jillian Rayfield at TPM has some of Sorenson’s low-lights:

He pushed legislation to make gold and silver legal tender in the state, and sponsored a bill that would require random drug-testing for recipients of government benefits.

Sorenson also voted against a bill that makes it illegal to refuse a blood-alcohol content test when carrying a firearm, and for one that legalizes dove-hunting.

So, yes, Candidate Bachmann is going to a constant source of amusement.

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