WI police did not boot protesters, Walker support may be waning

Walker continues to talk tough, but there are cracks in his plan. For starters, it never helps to set a hard deadline (such as the eviction from the state house) and then have it ignored. Now that one of the state senate Republicans is reportedly talking about dropping his support, Walker may be in trouble. Detroit Free Press:

Opposition to Gov. Scott Walker’s plans to eliminate most public employees’ collective-bargaining powers got a big boost Sunday night as protesters were allowed to stay another night at the Capitol and received word that a Republican lawmaker may not support the legislation.

Protesters exploded with cheers when it was announced that Sen. Dale Schultz, a Republican who represents southwest Wisconsin and had tried to come up with a compromise budget-repair bill, would not vote for Walker’s plans. Calls to Schultz’s office Sunday night were not immediately returned.

Efforts to close the Capitol on Sunday ended a few hours after they started, and protesters were again allowed to stay the night. About 200 had left, but hundreds more remained.

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