When thrice-married/adulterer/hypocrite Newt got busted by a college student

I love this Newt Gingrich story so much.

This morning, I read the articles about Newt getting challenged by a Penn student for being anti-gay despite the fact that he’s an adulterous hypocrite. Before I could write a post, the DOMA story broke. Tonight, Matt Ortega posted the details, with video, at AMERICAblog Elections in a post titled, Gingrich’s adultery called out to his face.

So, big hat tip to Isabel Friedman, the President of Penn Democrats, for speaking truth to power. She did what all the DC pundits and reporters won’t do. They all know Newt has no business talking about family values, but they let him get away with it. Isabel Friedman didn’t.

Gingrich is such a blatant hypocrite. I’m beginning to think that his adulterous, multi-marriage past is akin to Rick Santorum’s Santorum. It’s going to dog him throughout this campaign.

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