U.K. Plans to Lift Ban on Gay Church Ceremonies

Interesting news from the United Kingdom.

Lawmakers in the United Kingdom plan to lift the ban on same-sex civil partnership ceremonies in churches.

The Sunday Times reports Liberal Democrat Equality Minister Lynne Featherstone will present a timetable to allow the unions in religious buildings and a proposal to end the ban on same-sex marriages.

Religious groups will not be forced to perform the ceremonies. The Church of England is one organization that opposes the law.

Of course, I’m all for the separation of church and state and England doesn’t have it. There are several ways of looking at this decision and plenty of room for personal opinion. Most of us in the United States simply want the same rights afforded to straight couples without experiencing discrimination and second class status. Maybe this would be a good article to forward to all those who scream and argue in favor of removing that wall of separation?

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