Teen hacks gay roommate to death

Get ready for the ol’ gay panic Twinkie defense.

Some people are mentally disturbed. And then there is Michael Anderson (pictured), a 19-year-old North Carolina man, who called 911 and told the dispatcher he had taken Mucinex cough medicine and then hacked his gay roommate to death with an axe after shooting him.

Facing murder charges in the death of Stephen Starr (pictured below), Anderson can be heard telling the 911 operator at 4:45am Monday, “I took some pills and, um, the pills made me go mad and I murdered my roommate. shot him three times and then I used an axe and mutilated his body.” While being taken away from the home the two men shared, Anderson told reporters he loved (“as a friend”) his slain roommate. But during the 911 call, Anderson says, “I was straight and I wanted to go bisexual just to experiment and I went to a gay club and I met him and I went to his house. And he took me in and I turned straight again and he wanted to touch me and stuff and I wouldn’t let him and he kept trying and I waited until he went to sleep and then I shot him 3 times and then I mutilated him very badly.” Yes, that’s the sound of his defense attorney mounting a gay panic-by-medicine defense.

As for Starr, his lifeless body was found shot (by both a handgun and shotgun), stabbed (with the side of his body carved with a word), and torn up with the axe. Catawba County Sheriff Coy Reid says it’s “probably one of the worst scenes I have seen in my 30 years of law enforcement.”


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