Public employee union protests now also in Ohio

The protests in Wisconsin are spreading to Ohio, where the GOP is also trying to shut down unions. The Republicans are obsessed with making the middle class pay the price for the Wall Street economic crisis. It’s sickening to watch the attacks against unions, as if that is the problem. Bloomberg:

In what union leaders say is becoming a national fight, protests against legislation to restrict public employees’ collective-bargaining rights spread from Wisconsin to Ohio.

In Madison, Wisconsin, crowds that police estimated at 25,000 engulfed the Capitol and its lawns yesterday during a third-straight day of protests as Democratic senators boycotted the legislative session. In Columbus, Ohio, about 3,800 state workers, teachers and other public employees came to the statehouse for a committee hearing.

Firefighters Dave Hefflinger and Jerry Greer stood near hundreds of workers elbow-to-elbow in the Ohio statehouse atrium and listened to the Senate hearing through speakers. Chants of “Kill the bill” echoed.

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