Outings threatened against anti-gay politicians in Indiana

The Republicans, and a few wimpy Democrats, are trying to pass a state constitutional amendment in Indiana banning marriages and civil unions for gay hoosiers. This because Indiana apparently didn’t suffer from the recession like the rest of the nation, so that state’s legislators have nothing better to do with their time than the traditional Republican pass time of hating on minorities.

But this time, the largest gay blog in the state, and one of the biggest gay blogs in the country, isn’t going to stand for it. They’re threatening to out family values hypocrites in the state who rail against abortion but secretly have abortions anyway (true story), and who rail against gays but secretly have sex with their male hairdresser instead of their wife (another true story).

They’re asking for tips on any family values hypocrites anyone knows in the Indiana state legislature. And good for them.

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