Despite pledges to protect jobs by Tories, more job losses in UK

The Conservatives were quite open about removing hundreds of thousands of government jobs in the UK but they did assure people that for the health care system, they would protect the system. That now looks like another empty promise. Imagine how many jobs the US conservatives will eliminate beyond what they’re already saying they will cut. This will have a chilling effect on the system as more losses are discovered. Having employment as high as possible and receiving tax income is much more important than any benefits received from chopping programs.

The Tories have been chomping at the bit to chop the NHS and now it looks as though that’s what they are doing. What bad surprises are up next, because surely more cuts like this will emerge?

The government’s repeated pledges to protect frontline NHS services have been dramatically undermined by the announcement that two hospitals are to axe almost 1,000 jobs, including hundreds of nursing posts.

St George’s hospital in south London announced that it was shedding 500 personnel, including nurses and – unusually – consultants, its most senior doctors.

It is also closing three wards, with the loss of about 100 beds, and reducing the number of women allowed to give birth there from 4,200 to 3,000, as part of an attempt to save £55m in 2011-12.

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