Congress asking questions about Facebook’s privacy-of-the-week policies

While it’s perfectly valid and the right thing to do, it might be better if everyone moved on from that annoying business. Facebook has probably already reached its peak and if it hasn’t, it’s not far off. Maybe it won’t go MySpace right away but someone is going to replace Facebook soon enough. CNN:

Rep. Edward Markey, D-Massachusetts, and Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, sent the bipartisan request Wednesday with a deadline: Zuckerberg has 15 business days to cough up the answers.

The congressmen’s intrigue centers on Facebook’s recent announcement – and postponement – of a plan to make the addresses and cell phone numbers of its users available to third-party websites and application developers (apps).

“Please explain why Facebook, while previously acknowledging in its letter to us that sharing a [Facebook User ID] could raise user concerns, subsequently considered sharing of a user’s home address and mobile phone number – even more sensitive personal information than a UID – to be information that should be more easily accessible to third parties,” they wrote in the letter.

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