National Stonewall Democrats – Conversation for Change

The National Stonewall Democrats have started a “Conversation for Change” campaign in response to the shootings in Arizona. The Executive Director, Michael Mitchell, has the following message and invitation to join their “Conversation for Change” campaign.


I was inspired to add the following recommendation:

I think, for me, the one thing I’ve had to change is my instinct to hit back just as hard as I’ve been hit with violent rhetoric of my own. It is important we take the high road and defuse it with the idea we advance our movement forward when we follow the examples of non-violent protests like those of Martin Luther King and Ghandi. We also have to be willing to call out our own when we fail, and then be willing to apologize when wrong and make a commitment to be more civil in our political discourse.

Your thoughts?

This is an excellent exercise for our community. I hope this tragedy becomes one of those watershed moments that inspire positive change in the way our nation comports itself in the political arena. The debate shouldn’t continue to be about whether or not someone’s violent rhetoric caused the shooting, but what can we do to treat each other with the humanity and respect our fellow citizens deserve. Maybe, just maybe, that conversation will prevent more of these incidents from happening in the future? If anything, it will enhance our ability to solve problems instead of just making our problems worse.

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