Lots of updates on Giffords assassination attempt

Great NYT editorial.

Flashback: Conservatives mocked DHS report warning of ‘antigovernment’ violence.

First Read sees similarities between the climate surrounding the Oklahoma City Bombing and the assassination attempt.

[T]the similarities between the political climate of the mid 1990s and now seem plain.

The Oklahoma City bombing – the 15th anniversary of which was commemorated last spring — occurred not long after a wave election during which midterm voters rewarded Republicans who advocated for shrinking the role of the federal government. The bombing’s chief architect, former soldier McVeigh, railed against government intrusion in American life but was spurred to violence after the federal government’s siege of a white supremacist’s cabin in northern Idaho and a subsequent fatal raid of the Branch Davidian complex in Waco, TX.

First Read then tries to blame both sides, right and left, but can only find one Democrat it thought crosses the line during the 2010 elections versus numerous Republicans it quotes. Uh huh. It’s the old “Michael Moore is as bad as Limbaugh,” or “Keith Olbermann is as bad as Glenn Beck” argument, but they can never quite tell us what Moore or Olbermann have said that comes anywhere near the garbage that comes out of Limbaugh and Beck on a daily basis.

Peter Daou on the GOP’s “Hate Inc.” (my term, not his)

A seriously scary timeline of right-wing hate over the past two years.

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