‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier arrives back in Haiti from exile

Not that the US has done an impressive job with helping after the earthquake, but this can’t be good news for Haiti. With the country still suffering, it’s doubtful Duvalier will have to answer for the massive corruption that led to his exile. NY Times:

Haitian television and radio stations reported that Mr. Duvalier, dressed in a blue suit, landed shortly after 6 p.m. in Port-au-Prince on an Air France flight and told reporters that he had simply come to help Haiti, moved by images of the first anniversary of the earthquake that devastated the country.

The Associated Press reported that he would give a news conference on Monday and that he planned to stay in the country for three days.

The sudden appearance of Mr. Duvalier, 59, who ruled Haiti with brutality and corruption for nearly 15 years, threatened to further convulse a country struggling to recover from the earthquake and a lingering cholera epidemic.

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