Anti-Gay church to picket funeral of 9 yr old shot in Tucson rampage

They are at it, again.

In addition to protesting the funeral of the 9-year-old girl murdered during Saturday’s shooting rampage in Tucson, the lunatics from the Westboro Baptist Church tell New Times they plan to protest the funeral of Federal Judge John Roll and picket the very corner at which the massacre took place.

Oh, my G-d.

“I’m over here laughing,” a rambling and often-incoherent Phelps-Roper tells New Times. “You think you can run God off the corner with your stupid laws?”

Phelps-Roper even had the gall to make light of the injuries sustained by Giffords in the attack.

“She has the audacity to stand on the corner and talk about free speech? She should keep her lips off the Constitution,” Phelps-Roper says, “and now she will keep her lips off it.”

Phelps-Roper describes Giffords as an “arrogant pinhead who surrounds herself with fags and baby killers.”

and then this…

We asked her what value she finds in protesting the funeral of an innocent child senselessly murdered by a gun-toting maniac. Her response made even less sense than the rest of what she spewed during a 20-minute phone conversation.

“We’re connecting dots for you rebels,” she insists. “[Green] was appointed when she was born for this — she just happens to be the one God chose to make an example.

“Once the child enters hell, it’s over for her,” Phelps-Roper rants.

Thank you, Westboro Baptist Church for “connecting the dots” for all Americans who think anti-gay hate groups aren’t anything our nation needs to worry about.

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