WikiLeaks: US conspired with China to block Copenhagen environment reform

From the start, the Obama Administration has made it abundantly clear that it was going to be business-as-usual for the most part. The talk about “change” obviously crumbled when they announced their economic team that was every bit a part of the existing economic problem. Only a few short months later, the Obama Administration was working hand-in-hand with China to continue the Bush policies of blocking environmental reform. If Democratic voters wanted to vote for a Republican, they would have, but they didn’t. Or at least none of us thought we did. If this was an item bought in a store we’d all be looking at the fine print for a proper exchange. We’ve been sold a bill of goods.

Last year’s climate summit in Copenhagen was a political disaster. Leaked US diplomatic cables now show why the summit failed so spectacularly. The dispatches reveal that the US and China, the world’s top two polluters, joined forces to stymie every attempt by European nations to reach agreement.

In May 2009 the Chinese leaders received a very welcome guest. John Kerry, the powerful chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, met with Deputy Prime Minister Li Keqiang in Beijing. Kerry told his hosts that Washington could understand “China’s resistance to accepting mandatory targets at the United Nations Climate Conference, which will take place in Copenhagen.”

According to a cable from the US embassy in the Chinese capital, Kerry outlined “a new basis for ‘major cooperation’ between the United States and China on climate change.”

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